the story of our group

In original the area of our group was Holstein, part of Mark-Brandenburg und part of Niedersachsen In 1923 the group was established. Some of the founders are the Hamburg citizen Konrad and Lorenz Hagenbeck, Hans Giele and consul Wolf, in those days he was the president chairman.

In 1933 the group compulsory broke up and renamed into "Fachschaft for great danes". The area Brandenburg was allocated to the "Fachschaft Berlin". The presidency, in those days this was not to be expected, was taken over by the NSDAP.

After the 2nd world war in 1946 the land group north was established and build up again. Many years under presidency by Carl Daniels. In those time the part of Niedersachsen was transfered to the new founded land group Niedersachsen.

In 1970 Reinhardt Kussin took over the president chairman. Always in his long operation time he was leading the group always successful with powerful will. He biuld up the group until todays state. In the beginning of March 2007 Reinhardt Kussin resigned from his president chairman function in reason of 30 years are enough.

Since March 2007 the groups president chairman is Jürgen Gundelach.
He had a function of breeding controler in our group since 1991 and had the function of the 2nd president chairman of our group after Mrs. Veronika Ewaldsen retired after long time this function.
Since January 1983, with his wife Dagmar together, they are member of the german dane club (DDC) and hold on all function of managing committee in different local groups. (treasurer, secretary, 1st and 2nd president chairman).

Today the area of our group extended from the Denmarks boundary in the north to the river Elbe. Since March, 1st 2013 the federale state in Germany Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

There were many local groups in our group in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein. Today most of them are not existing:
           Hamburg 1
           Hamburg 2 (today Hamburg in Rellingen)
           Husum-Westküste 1
           Segeberg (today Lübeck)
For lack of active members and other reasons most of them today are no more existing.

Today there are only two local groups in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein and since March, 1st 2013 additional one in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. All groups are very activ:

local group Hamburg in Rellingen
local group Lübeck
local group Waren / Müritz